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Unlike other camps or schools, we are an independent workshop with classes that are less than 6 people. Since no other classes are running simultaneously, we can keep the number of people down to the minimum, thus keeping it safe, and pay more attention to the campers.

Filmmaking: Write, Shoot, Edit and Screen

In our youth program, children ages 12-18, explore the world of visual arts through a film project. Guided by professionals, they express their ideas creatively and collaboratively, and experience all aspects of the filmmaking process in a hands-on workshop.

In 13 weeks, children are given many creative challenges. They will learn video production: to write a script, direct, shoot, and edit their own films. Through individual and team exercises, they learn to express themselves by exploring the exciting stories that they create in a film world.

Our unique, 1 to 2-week summer day camp in New York City offers a fun and creative environment where kids and teens explore the challenges of filmmaking as a team, and develop individual talents. In one exciting week, our campers will learn every stage of film production: scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and acting, bringing home a finished film of their own.

Summer Camp Filmmaking

  What We Offer

  • Hands-on filmmaking programs


  • Storytelling in a fun, textbook-free environment


  • Practice with professional video equipment


  • Guidance from the best industry professionals

  • Collaboration in a creative environment


  • Effective filmmaking techniques


  • Experience all stages of film production: scriptwriting, directing, lighting, camera, editing and acting


  • Create your own film


  • Love, Care, and lots of Encouragement

Contact Us

Solar Film/Video Productions, Inc.

13 East 37 Street, Floor 8

New York, NY 10016


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