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Over the course of the class, students ages 12-18 will be taught the basics of film production.

​Campers will learn:​​​​


  • Script Writing

  • Telling a Story through Image and Sound

  • Directing Professional Actors

  • Staging the Scene

  • Directing the Camera 

  • Creating Mood and Atmosphere

  • Effective lighting techniques

  • Controlling Quality of Light

  • Easy-to-learn and practical-to-use film techniques

  • Selecting Camera Angles, Lenses, and Movements

  • Shooting & Lighting Exteriors and Interiors  

  • Introduction to Professional Editing Software

  • Telling a Story through Editing

  • Exporting Media 

  • Visualizing with storyboards and evoking DRAMA!

Summer Camp Teens Filmmaking

Our Philosophy: Make Filmmaking Fun!

Easy to Learn, Fun to Use 

We teach the essence of filmmaking. With 40 years of industry experience, we have created a fast, simple, effective and exciting method of filmmaking which is easy to learn.


More Shooting, Less Talking 

We emphasize hands-on exercises instead of textbooks. We call it filmmaking, not film studies.


Big Ideas, Small Budget

We believe that kids should be able to make movies without spending their allowances. A movie can be good without having to spend a lot of money. With the right skills and a small crew, our students will learn how to make a film with ease.

Summer Camp Teens Filmmaking
Summer Camp Teens Filmmaking

              13 East 37 Street, Floor 8, NY, NY 10016                                              212-473-3040

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