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Lighting Workshop
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Mar 7 - 11 / Apr 4 - 8 / May 9 - 13

Light & Shadow: 5-day Digital Filmmaking Workshop is an intensive participatory workshop that teaches efficient, effective, and inexpensive filmmaking techniques from screenwriting to directing and editing.

Mar 7 - 8 / Apr 4 - 5(Advanced) / May 9 - 10

Light & Shadow Intensive Lighting Workshop is a 2-day, hands-on workshop for filmmakers who want to learn practical and proficient lighting techniques on a small budget without sacrificing quality.

Feb 22 - 23 / Mar 21 - 22 / Apr 18-19

This comprehensive 2-Day directing workshop explores visual storytelling with dynamic camera movement and skillful actor staging. Students will work with actors to bring a script to life on camera.

"I've known Eric since the NYU days. His unique vision in lighting and camera gives a film a professional look that exceeds the production budget. He sees his story through a camera with precision and great conviction. His meticulous directing style often challenges actors to explore their emotional depths, which leads to compelling performances.                     

For independent filmmakers, this workshop should take you to a new level of excellence and open up great possibilities."

ANG LEE, 3-time Oscar winner Life of Pi, Brokeback Mountain, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


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