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On-Line Screenwriting Workshop

Write Exciting Drama like a PRO!

An Intensive, Hands-on, Challenging, and FUN workshop to Master the art of Scriptwriting. Learn to create Great Ideas, Interesting Characters, Strong Plot, Sharp Dialogue, Unexpected Twist and Turns, Exciting Climax, and a Satisfying Ending. All one-on one with your instructor!



Have a great idea but don’t know how to turn it into a script? We emphasize on hands-on exercises with interactive participation and comments. You will learn how to develop ideas, format the script, visualize the story, set the mood, create your own style, and finish a script! If schedule permits, the finished scripts will be performed by actors with feedback.

Through extensive hands-on exercises, students will learn to write visually, understand how to convey mood and style in different genres, give the film a distinct look that belongs to the director's unique vision, and evoke the essence of the script: DRAMA!

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