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2 - Day Lighting Workshop

The Light & Shadow Lighting Workshop is a one-weekend, intensive, hands-on workshop for independent filmmakers who want to learn effective lighting techniques without a big budget or crew. Students will become adept at lighting real-world situations through demonstrations, Q&A’s, and hands-on practice.


When making a film, you must ask two important questions:


  1. "Where should I put the LIGHT?" A single strategically placed light can work the magic of four or five incorrectly placed lights.

  2. "How to create SHADOW?" Anybody can switch on a light and flood a scene with light and make it flat and boring. But it is with shadows that you create shape, dimension, depth, and mood.


Learn the tips and tricks to creating polished and dynamic lighting that can set the mood for any genre and capture the audience's attention.

Lighting Workshop NYC
Lighting Workshop NYC
Lighting Workshop New York

We focus on the philosophy that shadow is as, if not more, important to the depth of a scene than light. With only a handful of lights, little time, and a small crew, participants will work in small groups to learn:


   1.  How to control the QUALITY OF LIGHT (Hard v. Soft lighting, Direct v. Bounce lighting, Gels v.  Filters) Learn different lighting styles, how to create effects, and what mood they can evoke.

   2. How to create MOOD, TONE, and GENRE (Night Lighting v. Outdoor Lighting, High Contrast v. Low Contrast) Manipulating camera and light to enhance a scene, from dark drama to bright comedy.

   3. How to shoot WITHOUT A BIG BUDGET (Source Lighting, Lighting Strategies,  Use of Shadow)

Gather tricks and tips that will enable you to shoot a scene at minimal costs – Guerilla Style with Finesse.

 632 Broadway, Suite 304 NY, NY 10012        212-473-3040

13 East 37 Street, Floor 8, NY, NY 10016        212-473-3040

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