The Light & Shadow Filmmaking Workshop is for filmmakers looking to tell quality stories without a big budget or crew. It is five days of hands-on experience that will teach you simple, fast and effective techniques.

We are looking to demystify the filmmaking process. Too many people leave workshops with nothing but theory. We believe you learn more in the field than you do in the classroom. Our workshop puts the equipment in your hands.

Our students go through all the major stages of professional filmmaking. You will learn scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, lighting and editing, a completing a film in five days. You will be shooting in real-world situations, creatively learning how to make quality and cost-effective films.

WATCH the 3-min thriller and other videos made by Workshop Participants.


  • Easy to Learn, Practical to Use
    We teach the essence of filmmaking. With more than 35 years of industry experience, we have created a fast, simple, effective and inexpensive that is easy to learn and practical to use on any budget.

  • More Shooting, Less Talking
    We emphasize hands-on practice over textbook theory. We call it filmmaking, not film studies.

  • Big Ideas, Small Budget
    We believe that independent/low-budget filmmaking does not have to look cheap, and professional filmmaking does not have to be expensive. With just a few lights, a little time and a small crew, our participants will learn how to make films efficiently and effectively in challenging situations.